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The ‘bot updated: weirder and more threatening. Also he’s more tentacle-y, because weirder, more threatening and tentacle-y is just better in your basic turnkey crime robot. And now there’s some kind of bluish-purple pulp superscience energy source in evidence because Cherenkov radiation glows like that and any and all dangerous retrofuture energy signatures must glow bluish-purple to imply danger. It’s in the illustrators’ bylaws, trust me.

I’ve momentarily deferred the bullet holes and scorching he’s already collected in his wanderings around old ‘Frisco, and I’m still trying to properly place those binocular vision wall eyes of his that hint at intent and serve to make him appear unhinged and not particularly bright. Yet, even in these finishing stages of his redevelopment I’m happy with him, and I hope you are too.

As soon, as I set about replacing him in previous pages and figure out where his new bespoke design’s been spanged and battered he’ll be appropriated beat up and boggling again.

Hopefully, distantly, this all makes sense to you.


PS - Oh yeah, and now you know all the narrator's asides in the comic have been Scoop writing his overwrought piece for the morning edition.

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